Child Protection

Is your ministry doing everything reasonably possible to ensure the safety of the children entrusted to your care? Today, it’s more important than ever for churches to develop screening and supervision programs that include policies, forms, procedures, and training for all who work with children—paid staff and volunteers alike. Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company gets you started with free articles, checklists, guidebooks, and more.

Guidelines for Ministry Workers

Child Protection in a Ministry Environment - Guidelines for Ministry Workers - this publication from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company offers instructions for developing a screening and supervision program within your church.


Review Your Child Abuse Prevention Plan - In a season of constant change, it’s more important than ever to ensure your ministry is following its policies and procedures — especially when it comes to staff who work with children. 

Selecting and Screening Volunteers - With careful planning, your church or school can develop a robust volunteer program. Learn these key steps to protecting people and furthering the work of your ministry.

Child Abuse Mandatory Reporting State Specific Links and Information - Child abuse reporting laws can vary widely from state to state. That’s why we’ve compiled links to each state’s mandatory reporting information. Also included are each state’s hotlines and resources. 

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse in the Church - Manage the risk of child sexual predators volunteering to work in your church's nursery.

Screening Guidelines: Preventing Access in a Camp Setting - Robust screening policies are essential for minimizing the risk of a sexual predator gaining access to children, youth, and vulnerable adults—its importance cannot be overstated.

Safely Ministering to Youth in a Camp Setting - Youth counselors, in particular, may develop strong bonds with your camp’s young people. The downside is that those same beneficial bonds may also contribute to forming unhealthy relationships.

Training Camp Staff - Training your camp ministry's staff protects campers.


Tough Issues: Registered Sex Offenders in Ministry Activities - A white paper guide, written specifically for ministries. Includes how-to steps for creating a safe environment, developing procedures for participation, and organizing a response team. 

Guidelines for Camps: Child Protection in a Camp Environment - Safeguarding the physical and spiritual well-being of young people and vulnerable adults is one of the most important responsibilities of any camp organization.

Youth Activity Survival Kit - Don't be caught off guard at your next youth event. Prepare for success with this 25-page guide of safety tips, forms, and activities.


Background Screening: Creating a Culture of Transparency - How can churches balance safety, legal obligations, and privacy? This webinar discusses best practices for background screening in the ministry setting.

Child Abuse: The Dangers of Delayed Reporting - To better protect the children in your ministry, it’s imperative that all ministry workers and volunteers understand the child abuse reporting laws that apply to them.

Creating a Child Protection Program - From screening to supervision to security, following a comprehensive plan can help create a safe haven for the children your ministry serves.

Checklists and Sample Forms

Activity Participation Agreement -  A safe and fun event begins with proper supervision and an Activity Participation Agreement. A signed agreement helps participants and their guardians know what to expect and agree to take responsibility for any risks.

Child and Youth Worker Application - Learn from this sample application form for screening employees or volunteers that will be working with your children or youth ministries.

Child and Youth Worker Renewal Application - Child sexual predators exist, and they're always looking for opportunities to interact with children. Use this form to help manage your ministry's exposure to this risk.

Medical Needs Agreement: Child with a Chronic Illness - Brotherhood Mutual® has developed a sample medical needs agreement which can facilitate participation of a child with special needs in ministry programs and activities.

Notice of Injury Form - This sample document can help your ministry get started in creating your own form to report injuries that occur on ministry property or during ministry activities.

Nursery and Childcare Ministry Infectious Diseases Policy - This sample policy includes standards adapted from CDC guidelines, attendance standards, and other information that can be helpful as you develop your own policy. 

Nursery Safety Checklist - Protect the children in your church nursery by using this checklist on a regular basis to make sure it remains a safe place for infants and toddlers.

Safeguarding Against Sexual Abuse Checklist - Your church is encouraged to have a policy requiring criminal background checks for all employees, regardless of position, and volunteers who will interact with the congregation’s children/teens.

Special Medical Needs Agreement - Refer to Brotherhood Mutual's special medical needs agreement as a resource when developing your ministry's form with the assistance of a local attorney.

Supervising Youth Activities Checklist - Youth activities require supervision and discipline to keep everyone in your ministry safe. This checklist can help you provide fun, safe learning experiences.

Supervision and Discipline / Youth Checklist - Leaders can face supervision and discipline challenges that spoil the fun for all. Get everyone in your group on the same page with our checklist. 

Swimming Pool Safety Checklist - Make your pool safe for children and youth. This checklist will help you evaluate whether you are taking necessary safety precautions.

Water Safety Checklist - It is important to administer appropriate safety regulations for all your ministry's youth water activities. This checklist will provide you with helpful tips to help make your swimmers safe.

Youth Activities Safety Checklist - Whether your youth ministry involves low-risk activities like boxing up canned goods for a food bank or high-risk activities like rock climbing, this checklist helps you manage things safely.

Youth Ministry Communication Policy - Electronic communication can open your ministry to liability in many ways, especially when adults are communicating with minors involved in your youth ministry. This policy can help you establish guidelines for your youth leaders and volunteers to be successful in their roles while reducing the risk of inappropriate communications with your ministry’s youth.

Youth Ministry Parent Consent Form - Create a consent form for parents of your youth ministry participants as part of a comprehensive Youth Ministry Communication Policy.

Youth Ministry Participants Consent Form - Create a consent form for youth ministry participants as part of a comprehensive Youth Ministry Communication Policy.

Youth Worker Consent Form - Have ministry workers sign their consent to show they understand the serious consequences of improper electronic communications use.

SafeMinistry Solutions

SafeMinistry Solutions, a Safe Hiring Solutions Company, offers comprehensive background screening options, including pre-employment and volunteer screening packages, as well as security consulting, training, and volunteer management. Visit SafeMinistry Solutions to determine what level of screening and/or products and services fit your ministry's needs.

When developing and revising organizational documents and ministry policies and procedures, involve a local attorney. A wide variety of federal, state, and local laws may apply. Consulting with a local attorney can provide guidance on state-specific and local legal issues you may encounter. Ask us for a referral to an attorney who can help.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company also offers its free Legal Assist service to help answer questions you may have related to child protection and other tough topics. Brotherhood Mutual's in-house team of attorneys understand ministry legal issues because they've been addressing questions from ministries for years, and they're involved in ministry within their own communities.

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Make Sure You’re Covered

You’ve implemented policies and procedures. You’ve trained your employees and volunteers. But one allegation can cast suspicion over your entire organization. Make sure you have coverage to protect your ministry when someone makes a claim of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment.

Brotherhood Mutual's Sexual Acts Liability Coverage can help protect your ministry from the financial consequences of a sexual misconduct or harassment claim while providing funds for the care of the victim. It provides

  • Coverage for bodily, personal, or emotional injury caused by the sexual misconduct of a ministry leader, worker, or volunteer regardless of the victim’s age.
  • Payment for a specific amount of the cost for an outside counselor for a victim of sexual misconduct.
  • Coverage for losses resulting from improper supervision or monitoring of a convicted sexual offender on your premises, attending your services, or involved in your ministry’s activities.
  • Payment for legal expenses to defend an innocent ministry leader, worker, or volunteer from allegations of sexual misconduct.

Talk to an American Church Group of Alabama agent to learn more about this coverage designed specifically for ministries.

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